Robo Taxi in Abu Dhabi: How to book free ride

Driverless taxi service started their trail run in Yas Island and extended to Saadiyat Island. The TXAI app allows residents to book a driverless car to pick them up from one of location below. 

Safety officer will available on board to ensure the safety of passengers during the trail run.

The current fleet of TXAI vehicles consists entirely of electric and hybrid cars, which will help reduce carbon emissions.

Bayanat, which specialises in geospatial systems, data analysis and artificial intelligence, recently announced its new fleet of driverless vehicles under the TXAI brand, which represents the first fully-automated taxis in the UAE.

Bayanat signed an agreement to begin autonomous vehicle trials in March and the UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum approved testing of self-driving vehicles this month.

Earlier this year, Cruise LLC, the self-driving car unit backed and majority owned by General Motors Co., signed a deal to begin operating self-driving taxis in Dubai in 2023. The company will start running a small number or vehicles in two years and plans to have 4,000 driverless Origin shuttles in the emirate by 2030

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