How to book for Parking Yard Test for Driving License in Abu Dhabi, UAE – 2022

You can pay the fee for parking test while you are booking the class. But you can’t book the date for parking test before all the practical classes completed. Some people’s get additional class based on the ability to catch the lessons. Did you get an extra class you should pay fees for Extra class it will coming around AED 137 for each class. 

You should visit the customer care after completing practical class for parking to book for Parking Yard Test. While Booking for yard test you will get refresh parking and Yard test date. 


While Refresh parking class you can remember all the tips you should cared to parking vehicle. Refresh parking  is trial test for the Yard Test. Through this Trial Test you get an idea about parking yard test. If you are booking for the parking test date you can select together Refresh parking and Yard Test on same day  it will make your exam more simple. 

You can know your test result soon as you are finishing the exam. If you are Pass you can apply for Road Test. If you are fail you should again rebook for parking class and yard test. To rebook for parking class and Yard Test you should visit customer care Center.

To know more about How to book for Driving Road Test.

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