Updated Timing for Parking, Tolls and Buses during Ramadan Abu Dhabi 2021

Web Reporter: Abu Dhabi

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) in Abu Dhabi has announced its service schedule during the Holy month of Ramadan, including paid parking (MAWAQiF) timings, the toll gate system timings, buses and ferries schedule.


Mawaqif parking fees will be implemented during Ramadan from Saturday to Wednesday from 9am to 2pm and from 9pm to 2.30am.

On Thursdays, parking fees will be implemented from 9am to 2pm and from 9pm to 12am. No charge will be implemented on Fridays from 12am to 8.59 am on Saturday morning.

People attending Taraweeh prayers will be exempted from Mawaqif fees in the parking spaces surrounding mosques during the prayers’ time as long as their vehicles are parked correctly and are not blocking the traffic flow.

Residents have been urged to adhere to the regulations regarding the resident parking spaces from 9pm to 8.am.


Toll fees timings will change during the month of Ramadan. Toll fees are applicable from 8am to 10am; and from 2pm to 4pm, from Saturday to Thursday.

Bus Services
Abu Dhabi and its suburbs:

Public buses will be available in Abu Dhabi city and its suburbs according to its usual schedule except for A10, A20, A40, 405 and 406 which will be available until 6pm only. Most of the services’ frequency will remain the same whereas service no. 26 will be cancelled starting from the first day of Ramadan.

Al Ain and its Suburbs:

Bus network in Al Ain and its suburbs will be amended during Ramadan as follows:

Services no. 900-940-960-990-590-495: last trip to be scheduled at 1am.

Services no. 930-950-980: operation hours to be extended until 1am with a frequency of 50 minutes.

Service no. 970: operation hours to be extended until 1:00 AM with a frequency of 45 minutes.

Service no. 450: last trip to be scheduled at 9pm.

Services 460-491-496-560-595: last trip to be scheduled at 12am

Service no. 550: last trip to be scheduled at 10pm

Whereas services no. 901-941-902-991-350-360-375-380-390-X90-H1: will work according to their usual schedule with no changes.

Al Dhafra Region

Bus services in Al Dhafra Region will continue to work according to their usual schedule whereas it will stop during Iftar time from 630am to 7.45pm.

Ferry Services

During the holy month of Ramadan, ferry services will continue to operate between Dalma Island and Jebel Al Dhanna port, and between Al Saadiyat Island and Al Aliah.

Customer's Happiness Center

Customer’s Happiness Centers in Rabdan area, Abu Dhabi and Al Jahili, Al Ain will be working from Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 3pm.

Customers may continue to use ITC’s website: www.itc.gov.ae, Darbi app, Darb app and call 80088888 or 600535353 to request for services 24/7.

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