Updated procedures for entering Abu Dhabi emirate effective from September 5, Saturday

Web reporter: Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi eases Covid-19 test rules for residents and visitors to enter the emirate. Abu Dhabi Emergency and Disasters Committee has updated procedures in accordance with efforts to expand testing and further strengthen preventive measures for the early detection of Covid-19 infections effective September 5, Saturday. From Saturday the residents or visitors can enter the emirate of Abu Dhabi within 48 hours from receiving a negative PCR test result or DPI test result. DPI test results no longer require a prior PCR test. For residents and visitors who enter and stay in the emirate of Abu Dhabi for six consecutive days or more, a PCR test is now required on the sixth day of each visit,for one time only regardless of how long they will stay in Abu Dhabi. According to scientific studies, the probability of detecting the virus is halfway through the incubation period of an infected person. This measures aims at early detection of cases in their preliminary stages and preventing the spread of infection among the members of the community. Volunteers in the Covid-19 vaccine trial are exempt from these measures and are authorized to use emergency vehicle lines for a smooth journey. Violating these procedures will result in penalties and fines as outlined by the attorney general. The rapid test costs Dh50, while the PCR Swab test is typically Dh370.

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