Mawaqif fines

How to Claim on your MAWAQIF Fines.

If you got parking fines from MAWAQIF you can submit MAWAQiF grievance request by sending a WhatsApp message. Send them the following Information Customer name: Contact number: Violation number: The SMS payment confirmation , if any: Clarification reason  for the grievance attaching supporting documents. You will receive text message with the grievance committee’s decision within …

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How to Pay MAWAQIF Fines

Paid Parking in Abu Dhabi – MAWAQIF Residential Permit. Parking Violations. MAWAQIF Payment Methods. MAWAQIF Online Payment Methods. MAWAQIF launches parking permits valid for up to a year for all Residents in Abu Dhabi. Steps to pay parking violation fee – MAWAQIF  All vehicles are subject to Mawaqif car regulations and fines will be issued accordingly …

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