Summer is Too Hot…… Be conscious on your Car Batteries.

Is this year is the hottest Summer in the UAE ? Be conscious on your Car batteries. 

Most of the people didn’t like summer. The hot climate and high humidity didn’t  allow us to to stay out. Summer in UAE is a very toughest time for everyone. The high temperature and humidity  in outside making us very   lazy. 

The high temperature rise in the summer will badly affect the human as well as vehicle. How the temperature rise will affect the vehicle? 

Most of the people having reluctant to travel out due to the high temperature on outside. During holidays most of the people stay in house with family and avoid travelling out before 5.00pm. 

The high temperature in outside will affect your car batteries badly. Because the battery didn’t get enough time to recharge during short travel.

Sufficient care is essential to save your car battery life in summer. If you didn’t care your car battery properly during this summer your vehicle may stucked in half way of your trip because of low battery charge or battery failure.

So be care on this summer about your Batteries. Because if you are not going long travel every day your car battery may dead. It will trouble you and make an extra expense for your monthly expense.



  • Limit short car trips. Your battery doesn’t have time to fully recharge on short stop-and-go trips, which can cause it to weaken sooner.
  •           Double-check that you turned off interior and exterior lights when you leave the car.
  •           Higher temperatures will increase the self-discharge of the battery, so you may have to charge the battery more frequently if you don’t drive the vehicle very often.
  •           Keep your battery and battery posts clean. Dirt becomes a conductor, which drains battery power.
  •         Don’t use electronics (like the radio) when the engine is off.
  •      Park in the shade or garage to protect your car from direct sunlight.
  •           Many batteries mounted under the hood will have a heat barrier to protect the battery from excessive heat. Make sure that barrier is still in place.
Warning signs which shows before battery is failing

Fortunately, there are a few symptoms that may indicate your battery needs attention. Some of these signs are pretty obvious, while others require a visual battery inspection or test.

·        The engine cranks slower than normal when you start your car.

·        The check engine light or battery light is illuminated on the dashboard.

·        When you look at your battery, you see the fluid level is low.

·        The battery case looks swollen or bloated.

·        The battery posts (where the cables connect) are corroded.

·        Your headlights or interior lights are dim.

·        Your battery is more than three years old.

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