Real Estate Agent


  •  Job Type: Permanent
  •  Location: Abu Dhabi
  •  Closing Date: September 30, 2020
  •  No of Positions: 5
  •  Age Range: 23-3
  •  Qualification: Bachelor degree
  •  Experience: Sales

Key responsibilities and duties within Job Specific Competencies


  •  A role model who demonstrates high standards of ethics and professionalism, aligned to Company values
  •  We expect streamlined approval processes enforced by RERA (For Dubai) and Abu Dhabi Municipality Certification (Abu Dhabi) and implementation of Single Window Clearance (all facilities are available in one place)
  •  A great listener with the ability to communicate with people of diverse disciplines
  •  Strong time management skills and experience running multiple projects at a time
  •  Systematically collecting and creating large amounts of information by activating strategies
  •  Demonstrated ability to consistently meet deadlines
  •  Strong relationship management ability to communicate, influence and collaborate with others to deliver business activities successfully
  •  A strong team player with a proactive, flexible and mature approach to the role

Sales Target Achivement:

  •  Financial Target: To be Achieved on monthly, Quarterly and yearly as per the company norms and policy
  •  None Financial Target: To Fulfill noncompliance and meeting the company policy within the quality standards of PSI

Customer Service skills within Quality Standards

  •  Ensure a professional communication with PSI clients by presenting PSI in the best image
  •  Exceed customer’s expectations by providing the best approach in meeting client’s needs and requirements
  •  Abide by PSI code of conduct by appearing formal, elegant, and being professional all the time.
  •  Answering and responding to telephone inquiries and schedules site visits as per PSI policy
  •  Accompany buyers during visits to and inspections of property, advising them on the suitability and value of the property they are visiting
  •  To maintain SLA for response time and follow up with the client
  •  Contacting leads immediately and meeting the client ASAP and providing solution
  •  All client communications need to be done through PSI official number and follow email equities


Real Estate Knowledge:

  •  Deep understanding of commercial & residential real estate industry
  •  Strong capabilities in and deep understanding of financial demonstrating and market research
  •  Supporting and incentivizing players who are venturing into new asset programs in real estate
  •  Up-to-date knowledge of our website & assure communication with marketing team for any feedback, advices, suggestion.
  •  Monitor the property market to watch out for new and old properties up for sale
  •  Sharing competitive knowledge with your team mates & superiors
  •  Knowledge on comparing our services with competitors & assuring our standards above the market
  •  Familiarity with Rules and Regulations applicable to real estate in a particular region (Abu Dhabi/ Dubai) like mortgage news, and general updates on the current market
  •  Comparism of properties with similar properties that have recently sold in order to determine its competitive market price
  •  Knowledge on generating list of properties that are compatible with Buyers / Sellers needs and financial resources
  •  Review advertisement on a weekly basis & assure the availability & the correctness of its contents
  •  Publication of real estate news and has an advice section for both Clients and agents

Project Knowledge:

  •  Knowledgble and up to date on projects’ information/descriptions
  •  Make sure to clearance of all project knowedge tests provided by PSI


  •  Identify strong potential prospects using initiative and creativity, to generate lead opportunities
  •  Confidently participate in the preparation of proposals and presentation of professional product demonstrations and face to face meetings
  •  Follow up with new properties & development in the Market.
  •  Sourcing the right prospect from the real estate market and convert him to a buyer
  •  Respond to all PSI leads within 5 minutes
  •  Provide one own lead on daily bases
  •  Prepare documents such as viewing form, MOU contracts and any other document required
  •  Get Referrals from existing clients
  •  Use given system access for all transactions activities leads of Transaction updates on daily bases & Reports.
  •  Attend all PSI conducted training related to CRM, tools, and systems you need to use

Promotions and events

  •  Communicate with marketing team to create effective advertisements for event, launches, exhibitions
  •  Present event ideas and plans to client and vendors
  •  Respond to inquiries and correspondence relating to events and activities
  •  Plan and prepare advertising and promotional material to increase sales of products or services
  •  Work with clients, company officials and the Marketing Department
  •  Monitor and analyze sales promotion results to determine the cost-effectiveness of promotion campaigns
  •  Distribute all the marketing materials to clients
  •  Build and promote your own personal brand under PSI guidelines


  •  To Ensure all the reports are generated as per PSI standards, maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of the activities and tasks assigned to every sales agent
  •  And capturing it on daily/weekly/ monthly bases with the total leads assigned, achievements made and along with Sales plan
  •  Maintain a monthly report that presents the monthly achievements vs. the target
  •  Maintain daily report that includes: Number calls, meetings done, leads assigned and their update and potential buyers
  •  Sales Report being generated on a daily bases on signed deals
  •  Maintain weekly sales lead generation sources report that includes leads updates
  •  Maintain a monthly report that presents the monthly achievement vs. the target


  •  2+ years of relevant work experience
  •  An attested Bachelor’s degree
  •  Driving & License (must)
  •  Municipality Certified – Abu Dhabi
  •  Looking for Quality in details
  •  Presentable, Elegant and Adhere to Time Frame
  •  Extensive background in and a strong understanding of commercial and residential real estate acquisitions or brokerage
  •  Excels working under pressure; ability to work both independently and cooperatively in a fast-paced environment
  •  Flawless and brief communication and presentation skills, verbal and written
  •  Negotiating skills with people (both verbal and written).

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Fake Job Offers: BEWARE!

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The bogus employers allegedly promise jobseekers employment at reputed companies/hospitals/airlines in the country and take money for the visa or processing their application or in the form of a bond/guarantee either directly or through travel agents or exchange. BEWARE, it is FAKE. Do not fall for the trap.

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