Power Plant Tuning Engineer- Dubai, UAE

Power Plant Tuning Engineer (NABA28082020) United Arab Emirates

Role Summary:



Power plant tuning consists of the power plant control adjustments and improvements on site encompassing the optimization of individual systems behavior, optimization of control coordination between interfaced systems and overall plant operation control in order to fulfil the plant operation features and behaviors specified in contractual obligations.


The power plant tuning engineer is driving globally the power plant tuning technology.


He defines the harmonized plant tuning methods and workflows in compliance with GE Q-EHS system. He drives power plant tuning competences development and facilitate synergies in the plant tuner community. 

He is responsible for power plant control and tuning normative/technology intelligence and supports the steam business with his expertise when requested.



Essential Functions:


The power plant tuning engineer is expected to:


  • Provide technical guidance, direction and training to new and experienced engineers
  • Strongly contributes to the introduction of new technology/innovations into the plant design.
  • Develop standardization and/or reference solutions, to improve the GE-offering’s competitiveness
  • Prepare and maintain relevant documents and power plant tuning work instructions.
  • Strongly contribute to technical harmonization efforts across businesses, implying power plant tuning community. He defines the harmonized plant tuning methods typical tuning plan and related load profiles basing on his strong theoretical and practical knowledge of both I&C methodology and  power plant processes (boiler, water & steam cycle, steam turbine, generator, clean combustion systems like ESP, SCR and FGD, auxiliaries,  rest of plant systems and other interfaced processes).
  • Check, reviews or validates project documentation (PFUP, POCC, functional test procedures, …)  as per relevant work instruction and guidelines
  • Participate to design reviews, task force, industrial committees, and design boards as necessary
  • Contribute to solve field issues, conduct or lead root cause analysis as required and collect feedback from power station during commissioning and/or commercial operation (when possible)
  • He/she has the responsibility to adjust all close loop/open loop.
  • If necessary, he/she collaborates with engineering in design control modifications for fulfilling GE’s contractual and normative obligations.
  • The power plant tuning engineer monitors the applicable standards and existing technology related to power plant control design and optimization.
  • The power plant tuning engineer defines the power plant control commissioning workflow in accordance with GE Q-EHS directives and work instruction.





  • Very strong field experience in I&C (different types of instruments & valves) and DCS knowledge.
  • Very strong field experience in process control adjustment knowledge (serial, parallel, etc.) and tuning experiences.
  • Very strong power plant process knowledge (boiler, WSC, turbine, generator, DeNox, dedusting, FGD, ROP and power plant interfaced processes).
  • Very strong control loop Philosophy knowledge (open loop control, close loop control, split range control, cascade control, feed-forward, etc.).
  • Mastering problem analysis and resolution methodology
  • Able to interface effectively with all organization levels
  • Bachelor of science in electrotechnical or process engineering or related disciplines from an accredited university or college or equivalent knowledge and experience,
  • Fluent in English


Desired Characteristics:


  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Positive interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Strong capacity of adaptation (to suit various counterparts)
  • Very good understanding of power plant cost and performance drivers



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