You should be aware about the mawaqif parking rules and regulations to avoid parking fines. Mawaqif offers a 10 minute grace period for vehicles that are parked illegally. After that, motorists who are caught violating Mawaqif regulations are required to pay fines. On that note, here is a list of parking violations and fines that motorists should be aware of.

·      Parking in prohibited areas: AED 200

·      Abuse of parking space: AED 200

·      Parking vehicles on pavements: AED 200 

Things to be considered while find a parking location.

·      Illegally parked vehicles will be fined and the penalty charges range from AED 100 to AED 1,000 depending on the severity of the violation.


If a violation notification was ignored, Mawaqif will remove vehicles within 24-48 hours.

·        If vehicles park in areas where kerbstone is coloured with yellow and black, block designated escape routes, spaces reserved for people with special needs, vehicles of the fire department and ambulances or for commercial use, they will be towed away immediately.


Some areas are reserved for Particular parking especially trucks and buses. similarly some parkings have no parking areas for buses and trucks. Before parking must be aware of this sign boards.

Where the kerbstone is coloured as shown in the figure. The vehicle parked there will be towed away immediately.

Some parking are reserved parkings. If we park on reserved parking they will towed away immediately and will be fined.

Some areas are only for Pick – Up or Drop – Off only.

Some parking areas are for peoples with special needs.

In Residents permits designated parking areas, non resident permit holders are not allowed to use these areas from 9 pm to 8 am. We can see mawaqif signs shown left. For villa permit not allowed to park without permit for 24 hours.

Parking bays in the vicinity of a mosque are free for 45 minutes starting from the call for prayer ( Adhan )

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