Nurse is required in a School

Location             : Dubai   

Business Unit     : Fortes Education Limited 

Job Type            : Administration

About us:

Imagine schools with a variety of educational pathways where the skills of achievement, such as literacy, critical thinking, numeracy, discipline and work ethic are taught alongside the skills of well being, such as confidence, contentment, kindness, gratitude, health, and love. Welcome to Fortes Education, Dubai. We have been delivering high quality education provision to young people for over two decades.

Our Positive Education schools foster active engagement in learning and activities. We celebrate positive emotions and accomplishments, encourage students to cultivate fulfilling relationships with others and to seek meaning and purpose in their own lives

We set high standards and expectations for each pupil in academics and in co-curricular participation. Our high-impact learning programme lays a strong foundation that develops each pupil’s multiple intelligences through a broad range of activities in and out of the classroom. Our commitment is to provide a premium world-class “positive” education, which empowers our pupils to become innovative thinkers, socially confident life-long learners, having growth mindsets and character strengths, to flourish in an ever -changing world.

Job specification:
• Qualified Nurse aged 25-45 years with school/ nursery nurse experience.
• Must have valid DHA certification. 
• At least 4 years nursing experience or more
• Good communication skills
• Basic MS Office knowledge for maintaining records and  filing system
Only applicants who have valid DHA license as Registered Nurse will be considered for the role. 

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