MONTAJI app will ensure the safety of your product.

Web Reporter : Abu Dhabi

The safety of your products can ensure by using MONTAJI app. It can be download using smart phones  via Apple or  Android store. Scan or enter the product code number to be verified, and wait for the result. From your phone, check the quality of products and its compliance with the general health. MONTAJI application is an integrated smart platform dedicated to provide all data information  for more than 200,000 consumer products in the market and enabling public to verify the conformity of the products and if they are registered in Dubai municipality or not. The application enable you to confirm the compliance status of the consumer products in MONTAJI’s product database. Scanning the barcode of the product using your smart phone’s camera or by searching with the product name which will provide you with the product’s status if they are registered or not and that it conforms to conditions of product safety. In case of product is not registered, you can report it by pressing report and take a picture of the product the application will automatically detect the shop’s location and report it directly to the concerned team who will take the appropriate actions. 

 MONTAJI is a consumer product inspection initiative by the Dubai Municipality. MONTAJI enables consumers to confirm any product they wish to purchase or examine is registered and compliant with Dubai Municipality regulations. MONTAJI enables consumers to verify the authenticity of the product and its related information.

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