Cash Payment By Mawaqif Machine

Parking users can purchase a ticket from any Mawaqif Pay & Display machines, which are identified by Mawaqif logo and painted in turquoise, corresponding to the colour of the curbstone.

Mawaqif  Rechargable Cards

Mawaqif provides its customers with “Mawaqif Rechargeable Cards” to pay parking fees in Abu Dhabi, parking fees are automatically deducted from your Mawaqif account.

Mawaqif Rechargeable Cards are available at Mawaqif customer service centres for AED 50 (balance will be added to Mawaqif Account once the card is activated).

Card can be activated and linked to your account online on Mawaqif website or using mobile by sending SMS in the following format to 3009:

LINK 0001010010000054 123

Recharge Mawaqif Account
You can add credit to your Mawaqfi account using any of the following:

·        Mawqif website using credit card

·        Mawaqif customer service centres in cash or credit card.

Self-service machines that provide Mawaqif services in cash or credit card.

Mobile Payment

“Mobile Payment Method” enables paying Mawaqif parking fees for all vehicles registered in UAE by sending SMS to 3009 in the following format: 

City & Plate code <space> plate number <space> parking Type “Premium or Standard” <space> duration in hours.

The table below shows the code for each Emirate.


Abu Dhabi





Umm al-Quwain

Ras al-Khaimah









User will receive a confirmation message upon the completion of the request and a reminder message 10 minutes before permit expiry, which could be extended for another hour by sending “E” via SMS to the number 3009. 

Registered users can use their Mawaqif account credit to pay parking fees by sending a message from the registered number to 3009 in the following format:

(car colour and plate category <space> plate number <space> parking category “premium or standard” <space> duration in hours).

Red5 12345 S 4 (for 4 hours)
Red5 12345 S 1 (for 1 hour)

Note: parking category code will be on parking signage and it is either “S” for standard or “P” for premium.

m-mawaqif service combined with the MAWAQIF Account service is a new and innovative valueadded service that will allow motorists to pay for their m-mawaqif permit using their registered Etisalat or Du mobile number by simply sending an SMS in a predefined format to 3009 and their MAWAQIF Account is debited with the appropriate amount.

To use the m-mawaqif service a motorist needs to first register their Etisalat or Du mobile number at New User Registration and follow the simple step by step guide. Once registered the Motorist has to topup their MAWAQIF Account using the secure online credit card payment option. Upon succesful topup of the MAWAQIF Account the motorist can use these funds to pay for their m-mawaqif permit by simply sending an SMS in a predefined format to 3009 from their registered Etisalat or Du mobile number. To know more about MAWAQIF Account service please click here .

In addition to the above, the registered motorist also has the ability to access a host of innovative services for example, the motorist has the option to register his/her vehicle and create a unique nickname of his/her choice for each registered vehicle upto a maximum of five vehicles allowing ease of creating an SMS message for purchasing a m-mawaqif permit (NB: The registration of vehicles is mandatory for all non Abu Dhabi private plate numbers), view last 14 days of transaction history, edit profile, change password, manage registered vehicles, etc.

In order to make the SMS format easy for all vehicles across the Emirate, registration of vehicles and creation of nicknames is not mandatory for Abu Dhabi private plate numbers however all other motorists who own a non Abu Dhabi private plate number MUST register their vehicle and create an associated nickname to use the m-mawaqif service.

Please note all motorists wishing to use the m-mawaqif service must register their Etisalat or Du mobile number so as to create a MAWAQIF Account thus enabling the top up of the MAWAQIF Account using the secure online credit card payment option.



No need to carry any coins and find a parking meter


No need to worry about expiry of your m-mawaqif permit, with reminder alerts via SMS


Extend your m-mawaqif permit from the luxury of your home or office


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  1. good afternoon, can I ask a question? I have a local husband, and I am a foreigner, is it possible to arrange a free parking near the house( villa) and what documents are needed for this?

    1. Hi,
      You can arrange free parking near your villa.
      Required documents are,
      -Passport copy
      -Emirates ID
      -Tenancy Contract or Proof of Residence ownership
      -Electricity and water bill of the last three months
      -Vehicle Registration Card
      -Proof of relationship of the vehicle owner with the tenant of property owner.

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  3. since last to weeks very difficilt to pay via online thru credit/debit cards whats wrong ? benefits only for residential parking…. for me i am using as regular park everyday and very difficult to save coins everyday and looking machine to pay so pls. ITC/MAWAQIF bring back as normal
    thank you

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