MAWAQIF launches parking permits valid for up to a year for all Residents in Abu Dhabi 2021

Integrated Transport Centre offers limited-term parking permits for standard parking spaces. Users, individuals and companies, who regularly use these parking spaces can subscribe for the permit at a specified monthly fee without the need for daily parking fee payment. The fees are Dh391 for a month; Dh1,174 for three; Dh2,348 for six; and Dh4,695 for the entire year.

Motorists can apply for these permits online through: – E-services section. They must submit their Emirates ID and vehicle registration card.

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi said the service introduced by MAWAQIF would ease life for the public who will not need to bother about hourly and daily parking fees.

“The permit is only eligible to be used in standard parking, and cannot be used in residents, villa areas or premium parking spaces marked with white and blue paint,” authorities said.

Companies and individuals can obtain permits for each of their vehicles as long as it doesn’t bear a public plate number. Additionally, different entities, mail delivery companies and service providers may also obtain permits for their vehicles or motorcycles.

New service doesn’t replace resident parking permits

Officials clarified that the limited-term permit does not replace resident parking permits. However, it replaces the daily parking ticket for standard parking which costs Dh2 per hour and Dh15 for a whole day.

The limited-term parking permit does not allow users to reserve a parking, use reserved parking spaces or park in prohibited areas. Since the permit is issued online there is no need to display it on the dashboard of the vehicle.

ITC said customers can also amend permit details whenever they wish.

It said, in case a permit holder is traveling, they could also submit a request to park the vehicle in dedicated parking spaces to avoid them being considered abandoned vehicles and getting towed.

Process to apply for limited term parking permits are as below,

  1. Enter Traffic Code
  2. Verifying the OTP sent to registered mobile number.
  3. Select Vehicle
  4. Select Permit Duration
  5. Accepting Terms & Conditions
  6. Pay the fees

To apply for limited term parking permit.

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