Material Master Planner

Location: Sharjah


Job Brief:
Material Planner should be able to ensure the appropriate supply of cost-efficient and high-quality materials required to maintain steady production and product delivery. Responsible to convert the sales orders to production orders in an effective manner.

• Receive all the sales orders from sales coordinators after the sales manager approval.
• Coordinate with operations, engineering, purchasing and quality to attain production goals.
• Select the suitable original block type for each order and determine the required quantity for each job according to sales order planned quantity.
• Resolve capacity issues by prioritized scheduling and suggestions.
• Update production tracking and reporting reports.
• Analyze changing material demand patterns.
• Plan material to attain company metrics like turns and customer fill rate.
• Interface with vendors and forecast material integrity.
• Oversee and improve vendor performance.
• Analyze SAP generated forecasts on reasonableness and accuracy.
• Introduce new product, engineering changes and customer conversions.
• Determine, research and correct material inventory discrepancy causes.
• Ensuring materials meet specifications, quality standards, and are cost-efficient.
• Ensuring the consistent and adequate supply of materials necessary for production.
• Coordinating with other departments regarding production goals, timelines, supplier payments, etc.
• Tracking production volume and monitoring customer demand patterns and purchasing trends.
• Scheduling and overseeing the supply and delivery of materials and products.
• Liaising with customers, suppliers, and distributors.
• Managing inventory issues, schedule changes, and cancellations.
• Preparing cost estimates and performance reports.
• Follow the company policies and responsibilities in implementing the plan which has been prepared and approved by direct manger and management.

• Indian from Kerala.
• Degree in business, logistics, or any related field.
• 2+ years of experience and knowledge in material planning and customer service field or any related field.
• Strong organizational and time management skills.
• Strong Multi-cultural people communication & customer service skills.
• Strong English Language skills, both verbal and written.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office and ERP software. Experience in SAP is an advantage.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Commitment, accountability and can-do attitude.
• Multitasking & Flexibility skills.

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