Installment plans in Amazon

Those who likes to buy online, now amazon is also providing installment plans.  It allows you to pay for your orders in easy monthly installments.

About Installments

Installments is one of the payment methods available on It allows you to pay for your orders in easy monthly installments, provided you have a card from any of the following banks or payment partners mentioned below. The Installment payment method is available on the following cards:

·        All major credit cards that are issued by any of the following banks. ADCB, FAB, RAKBANK, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Dubai First, Mawarid Finance, Emirates NBD, Mashreq, Najm, Samba, Emirates Islamic, Al Hilal Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank.)

·        If your order is eligible for purchase on Installments, you will see the Installment option with a table of Installment providers with their corresponding rates and tenures offered. Installment purchases using a credit card varies between card issuers.

 Installment Plans Offered

Payment details
Payment details 2
Payment details 3

Installment Eligibility

·        The following eligibility conditions are applicable for Installment as a payment option.

·        Installment cannot be used in combination with an Amazon Gift Card balance account. You will need to deselect your Amazon Gift Card balance account during checkout and pay in full with Installments only.

·        Installment purchases using a credit card varies between card issuers.

·        Your card issuing bank has the discretion to either approve or reject an order placed using the Installment payment option on the basis of your eligibility for a loan. You can approach your bank to understand why the Installment was not approved.

·        If your bank rejects your request, the order will not be converted into an Installment payment plan and you will charged to your Credit Card.


Using Installment for a Purchase 

If you have an eligible card, complete the steps below.


Installment Repayment

·        On credit card:

·        As soon as you complete your order on, you will see the full amount charged on your credit card.

·        After 3 days, your bank will convert this into an Installment.

·        limit will be reduced by the outstanding amount. For example, if you have made a 3-month EMI purchase of AED 2,500 and your credit limit is AED 6,000 then your bank will block your credit limit by AED 2,500 and thus your available credit limit after the purchase will only be AED 3,500. As and when you pay your Installment every month, your credit limit will be released accordingly.

·        Installment Cancellation

·        If you cancel or return an order purchased using Installment after 3 business days, Amazon will refund the entire purchase amount to you within 3 to 5 business days, and the Installment will be cancelled. Should the Installment plan be cancelled within 3 business days, you will be charged the Installment processing fee. You will then need to contact your bank to confirm how the Installment plan on your credit card has been modified, or for any queries on foreclosure.


Source   : Amazon

Date      : August 28, 2020

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