How to safely give paracetamol to Children?

Expiration Date and Storage

Check the expiration date before administering the medication.

Store the product in at room temperature and child resistance storage.

After opening the product you can keep it at room temperature for six months.


Avoid Accidental Overdosing

Paracetamol is found in several OTC products.

Ask your pharmacist before administering paracetamol and any other cough, allergy, pain killer medicine to avoid avoid accidental overdosing of paracetamol. As several OTC products contain paracetamol and other active ingredients.

Proper Administrating of Paracetamol

Before administering the drug, check the concentration and the body weight of the child, to ensure administering the accurate dose.

Avoid using kitchen tools (Spoon) while administering the medication.

Use only measurement cups, syringes, and droppers that are provided with the medication.

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