How to Renew Residents Parking Permit, Abu Dhabi – MAWAQIF

To renew residents parking permit there is a grace period for 1 month. You can renew your residents parking permit through online  MAWAQIF website. If you don’t have an account just register a new one and add your vehicle and it will show you when the permit is due and if its still in grace period, also renewing is almost instant. 

To renew your parking permit

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1 thought on “How to Renew Residents Parking Permit, Abu Dhabi – MAWAQIF”

  1. Riyal Shareef

    As per above, you mean if my Permit expires on 01/08/21 i have time till 30/08/21 for renewal? there wont be any fine during this period? anywhere Mawaqif website it is mentioned?

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