How to Recharge Salik (Dubai Toll System)

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) launched Salik in Dubai to minimize traffic flow on highways. The system has played a major role in managing the flow of traffic in and out of the Emirate. It has also encouraged the use of public transport among inter-emirate travellers. However, the convenience isn’t limited to the movement of vehicles. RTA has ensured maximum convenience for motorists by introducing multiple methods of Salik recharge in Dubai. This guide covers all the online and offline methods of Salik recharge in Dubai.

Salik account can be recharged through a Salik card or debit/credit card. Some channels accept both while others are limited to only one type of payment. You can top-up your Salik account in Dubai using any of the following channels, as per your convenience: 

Recharging Through Salik Website
  • The customer logs in using the username and password.
  • The customer clicks on the recharging tab.
  • The customer enters the required payment details.
  • Once the recharge is done, the Salik balance will be updated.
Through Mobile Application
  • The customer downloads the Smart Salik Application.
  • The customer logs in using the username and the PIN code.
  • The customer selects the recharge option from the list of content.
  • The customer selects ePay.
  • The customer enters the required details.
  • The customer selects the desired balance.
  • The customer clicks on “next”.
  • The following message appears on the screen: “Your Salik account number “a1” was recharged electronically. Your new balance is “X” AED. Thank you.”
  • Recharging through mPay (an electronic channel that allows the customer to recharge the Salik account balance using the registered mobile number)

    • The customer logs in using the email and password.
    • The customer clicks on the recharge tab.
    • The customer enters the required payment details.
    • Once the recharge is done, the Salik balance will be updated.

    Recharging Through Self Service Machine/ KIOSKS

    Salik self-service machines are placed in six different areas of Dubai: Deira, Al Barsha, Al Aweer, Al Kifaf, Al Towar and Umm Ramool. You can navigate the exact location through the RTA Smart Drive App (iOS|Android).

    Once you are at the kiosk, here is what you need to do: 

    Log in using your registered email address and password 

    Click the Recharge tab

    Add balance to your account in cash

    Your Salik account will be credited, once the recharge process is successful  

    Through Salik Recharge Card

     Using a recharge card is one of the most feasible methods to credit a Salik account. These cards are available for AED 50, AED 100 and AED 200. The recharge card is used to top-up Salik accounts via call, SMS and Salik website.


    How to Recharge Salik in Dubai via Phone

    Call the Salik customer care service at 800-SALIK (72545) to add balance via Salik recharge card. Here are the steps to follow: 

    Scratch the film for the hidden 12-digit recharge number provided at the back of the card

    Call the Salik helpline 

    Choose your preferred language 

    Enter the 12-digit recharge number as per the instructions by the automated system

    Upon successful top-up, a confirmation message will be sent along with updated credit details to your phone. 

    Note: The Self-Service Helpline is accessible 24/7

    How to Recharge Salik Account via SMS

    Salik accounts can be credited via SMS by sending a recharge card number, Salik account number and PIN code to 5959. Simply follow the given steps: 

    Scratch off the film to get the 12-digit recharge number

    Write message: R<space>12-digit number<space>Salik account number<space>Salik PIN

    Send the message to 5959

    You will receive a confirmation message upon successful recharge, along with updated Salik account balance. 

    Note: 30 fils SMS charges apply from your mobile network 


    It is recommended to keep a check on your Salik account before it runs out of the amount required on crossing toll gates. In case you cross the tollgate while you have insufficient amount, a fine of AED 50 may be charged.

    Salik account should be recharged within five working days (counted from the travel date).  If the account is not recharged, a Salik fine of AED 50 will be charged every day.

    A minimum amount of AED 50 can be recharged per transaction up to a maximum amount of AED 50,000. Recharge amount should be in multiples of 50.

    I hope you enjoyed this short guide. If you have any more questions that didn’t get answered, you can contact us.

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