How to Pay MAWAQIf Parking Fines

If we didn’t park vehicle on designated parking bays MAWAQif is subjected to fine the vehicle to maintain the traffic flow.  Illegally parked vehicle will be fined and the penalty charges range from AED 100 to AED 1000 depending on the severity of violation.

MAWAQif Fine payment can be done online through / TAMM Abu Dhabi or Payment machines inside the mall. The ways to pay parking fines are described below.  A discount of 25% of the total amount will be given if the fine got paid within 30 days from the issuance date.

# Online Payment Methods

Visit the website and select eServices and go to  MAWAQIF option. Then you will get three options as shown below.

Select pay parking fines click apply and follow the steps below.

To pay parking fine


Enter your parking violation ticket number (PVT) which is on your violation ticket. Search for your ticket.

You will get the details of your fine. Then click Pay Amount to continue the payment of parking fine. 

Enter your details and continue by clicking pay.

After agreeing the terms and conditions, you can continue to pay fine by using your Debit / Credit Card.

# Payment Machines

You can also pay MAWAQIF Parking fines through the machines seen  inside the malls or public areas.

# TAMM Website

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