Enjoy and Take a Free Ride on Robotaxis with your Families or Friends and Experience the Latest Technology – Abu Dhabi, UAE

The concept of driver less vehicle was a dream before but with the fast growth of technology it becomes real today. The public trials took place on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, between 23rd November and 27th December 2021, with over 2,700 passengers experiencing autonomous driving. The service could be booked using the TXAI app that was available on the Apple App and Google Play stores. During the trial phase, over 16,600 kms of autonomous driving was accomplished.  10 TXAIs operating across different locations within Abu Dhabi. We can use and experience the Latest innovations in the world by using Txai App and explore the features of Driver Less Vehicle.

Here we explain the complete step by step procedures to get free ride on Driverless Vehicle. 


For Complete Guide

For Complete Guide 

You can get the driverless vehicle services in Mobile from App Store or Google Play Store.

TXAl services are currently free of cost for a limited period. When applicable, fares will be announced on the website and on the mobile app. 

Booking for TXAl is not time-based. Currently, TXAl can only be booked to commute between nine predetermined pickup and drop-off locations on Yas Island. TXAI is only available within Yas Island limits. 

The driver in the car plays the role of a safety officer. This is in line with the current safety protocols. The safety officer will monitor the autonomous driving operation and take over the vehicle in the case of an emergency to ensure the safety of both the passengers and the vehicle. The TXAl app is available in English only. 

Up to 3 passengers can ride a single TXAl at the same time. 

The TXAl ride is available between pre-determined pick-up and drop-off points. Hence, the journey cannot be broken between these points. Only in instances where the pet is for special purpose such as guide dog, the passengers can ride with a pet. Otherwise, it is not allowed. 

Children and babies can use this service. While there is no age limit to use the service, only those aged 18 and older can register with the TXAl app. Small luggage is fine. The front passenger seat can be used if needed.

Please send your comments, suggestions or complaints via email. If you need help looking for lost items, you can click [Lost and found] at the bottom of the Trip details. You can contact customer service by clicking on “Contact Us” on the “Lost and found” page to report your lost item. Customer service working hours: 8am-8pm on weekdays You can also click [Lost property report] to provide information of the lost item along with your contact details fos us to contact you. While we sincerely hope that you can retrieve your lost items as soon as possible, TXAI or the security staff do not undertake any responsibility for items left behind or lost in the car.

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