Dubai Sports world welcomes to book our Court and Join.

Dubai Sports World, the indoor sporting venue normally opens during the hot summer months are now welcoming all sports lover to book their court by online or mobile app . Also Online Check-In is mandatory and must be done prior to entering the sports halls.

As per Dubai Government requirements, every visitor at Dubai Sports World, must check in online via the DSW App. This is to ensure the correct information of everyone that visits, should there be a need for contact tracing in light of COVID-19. Entry will be refused if you have not checked in prior to your booking time.

Download the free App, which not only allows you to check-in, but includes additional features such as booking a court or pitch, searching academies or finding players to make a team. All of this can be done form the convenience of your phone.

All visitors should follow Covid-19 guidelines  below as mentioned in dubaisportsworld website.

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC ) strictly adheres to all rules and regulations laid out by Government authorities, including Dubai Health Authority ( DHA ) and Dubai Sports Council to ensure the health and safety of everyone on the premises of Dubai Sports World.


In addition to the above we will also be implementing the following measures.

·        Public announcements and the display of the new rules will be placed in highly visible areas, including entrances and other public areas.

·        Signage highlighting precautionary measures will be made available in different areas of the venue.

·        We will maintain adequate records of all visitors, including names, telephone numbers and visit dates to assist with COVID-19 contact tracing if required. This will also be done for DSW staff and on-site team members.

·        A dedicated ‘Hygiene Champion’ is being assigned to ensure the compliance of all government guidelines and regulations.

·        Touch free hand sanitizing dispensers will be placed across the venue.

·        All items considered to be hazardous waste such as used masks and gloves will have dedicated disposal bins.


In addition to the above we will also be implementing the following measures.

·        Check-In via the Dubai Sports World mobile app is mandatory for all visitors whether playing or spectating. Entry will be refused if this has not been done as accurate information is required should the need for contact tracing in light of COVID-19 arise.

·        All visitors must wear a face mask at all times, unless you are engaged in strenuous physical activity, in which case masks may be lowered or removed.

·        Maintain hygiene etiquette and refrain from spitting on the floors of the courts.

·        Players should refrain from celebrating or hugging or engaging in any close physical proximity during the game.

·        Intermingling of members of different groups is prohibited.

·        Showers and changing rooms will not be available.

·        Lockers will not be available.

·        No linen or towels to be provided.

·        Washrooms and toilets will be available and will be sanitised after every use as well as on an hourly basis.

I hope you enjoyed this short guide. If you have any more questions that didn’t get answered, you can contact us.

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