Dubai–Kozhikode Air India Express flight crashed on landing.

Web reporter : Kerala, India.

Air India Express flight (IX1344) that departed from Dubai on Friday, August 7, afternoon crash landed at Kerala’s Kozhikode Airport at 7.41PM Indian time. The flight skidded off the runway and fell 30 feet in to a valley. The aircraft split in to two on impact. Multiple causalities including death of the pilot were reported. The flight was carrying 184 passengers including 128 males, 46 females and 10 infants. The flight took off from Dubai Airport at 1.45 PM UAE time. 

As per Global Flight Tracker website, the flight tried two times for the landing. Preliminary conclusion is that the second attempt was due to the failure of the first landing. There are indications that the wheels of the aircraft were locked during the second landing attempt. As per Air India Express rule, If the first landing does not take place, can try twice. If still can’t land, go to the previously informed alternative Airport. A table top runway is a runway set up on a hill or high ground. The end of the runway ends in a steep descent.

Flights to Kozhikode will be diverted to Kannur until Kozhikode Airport returns to normal. Meanwhile, a flight from Jeddah landed at Nedumbassery Airport. The SpiceJet flight from Jeddah to Karipur landed at Nedumbassery at 9.20 pm Indian time. Flights including Fly Dubai to Karipur will land at Kannur Airpor

30 years Experienced Pilot’s situational awareness made landing without explosion and saved life of many passengers. Details of those who were injured in the Karipur plane crash and those who are in treatment and died in various hospitals in Kozhikode district. 

Relatives of passengers onboard Air India Express Flight (IX1344) that crashed at karipur International Airport can contact the following helpline number for enquiries

0091 – 0495 – 2376901 – Kozhikode Collector

0091 – 8547616121 – Medical College, Kozhikode

0091 – 9388955466 / 8547754909 – Baby Memorial Hospital

0091 – 94477636145 / 9846338846 – MIMS Hospital

0091 – 9446344326 / 9496042881 – Maithra Hospital

0091 – 9846042881 / 8547616019 – Beach Hospital.

00971 – 565463903 / 543090572 / 543090575 – Dubai Indian Embassy

00971 – 65970303 – Sharjah helpline number

00971 – 65970303 – Air India Help line



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