Driver Less ROBO MINI BUS Complete Guide – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Driver Less ROBO MINI BUS started their trial run and services are available now for Free in YAS Island and Saadiyat Island. To enjoy this service, you can visit YAS Island or Sadiyat island on their service time from 8am to 8pm all day.

You can use the free driverless bus service by downloading the TXAI app on the Google Play or the Apple Store.

Trail run routes are below.

1.      Busline_Saadiyat_02

2.      BusLine_Yas_02

3.      BusLine_Saadiyat_01

4.      BusLine_Yas_01

1. Busline_Saadiyat_02

2. BusLine_Yas_02

3.      BusLine_Saadiyat_01

4.      BusLine_Yas_01

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