DARB Toll System will activate Tomorrow – Everything you need to know

Web Reporter: Abu Dhabi

All motorists visiting Abu Dhabi will be required to register their vehicle on Darb toll System which is activating on January 2, 2021. For registering drivers can visit darb.itc.gov.ae or download the Darb mobile application which is available for Apple and Android devices.

Registering on the System

To register you will need a working email address and a valid UAE drivers’ licence.

Details required to create an account include submitting the Traffic Code Number on the back of your drivers’ license.

Next you will be required to create a password and input your Emirates ID, date of birth and other personal information.

If you previously registered for the road toll system your credit and vehicle information will carried over.

Adding credit to your Account

All drivers registering for the system are required to add Dhs100 to their account.

A total of Dhs50 will be taken as a fee and the remaining Dhs50 will be credited to your account.

Credit will be deducted from your account every time you pass through one of the four toll gates during peak times.

Passing a gate will charge your account Dhs4 in peak times with a daily cap of Dhs16 on trips in Abu Dhabi.

To add more credit to your account log into darb.itc.gov.ae or on the mobile application.

On the home page in the ‘my wallet’ section you can select the top up to add credit to your account.

Drivers may add Dhs50, Dhs100, Dhs150 or Dhs200 to their account, or a custom amount between Dhs50 and Dhs10,000.

All fines will also be displayed on the homepage once logged in as well as registered and unregistered vehicles under your name.

How to apply for an exemption

Retired, low-income and elderly citizens and people of determination are exempt from the fees.

Exempt vehicles include ambulances, army vehicles, public transport, police vehicles, Abu Dhabi licensed taxis, school buses, motorbikes and towed vehicles.

For those who qualify for an exemption you still have to create an account and apply for the exemption before travelling in Abu Dhabi.

Once an account has been created, log in and on the dashboard at click ‘requests’.

In the requests section you can apply for an exemption for one of the vehicles registered under your name.

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