Circuit X at Hudariyat Island

Circuit X is Abu Dhabi’s new outdoor adventure hub. It is home to four thrilling parks: BMX Park, Splash Park, High Ropes Park, and Skate Park. 

Let your imagination run wild at our lively adventure hub, Circuit X, where children and adults can exercise and take part in family-friendly activities.

Circuit X is home to four unique and exciting parks: BMX Park, Splash Park, High Ropes Park, and Skate Park. The parks provide opportunities for families and friends to explore the island’s range of activities and enjoy action-packed and fun-filled days by the ocean.

Splash Park features several exciting water-themed attractions, while Skate Park invites new and experienced skateboarders and scooter riders to navigate its many obstacles and get tips from onsite coaches.

BMX Park offers two types of tracks for experienced and advanced riders.
Visitors can also take part in a number of adventure rope courses at High Ropes Park.

Opening Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 12 PM – 11 PM
Thursday to Saturday: 9 AM – 11 PM


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