Abu Dhabi: Dh500 fine, four black points for driving with tyres past their expiry date

Web Reporter: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police warned motorists about the risks of damaged tyres while driving, especially as these risks increase during hotter temperatures in the summer months.

Dh500 fine is imposed on motorists found driving in Abu Dhabi with expired tyres, along with four black points. The emirate’s traffic law also calls for a one-week vehicle impoundment for such negligence.

Police advise regular car tyre maintenance during summer to avoid accidents

Safety tips

Abu Dhabi Police have shared three safety tips for motorists to comply with:

Check your car tyres regularly.

Check tyres for cracks or unusual bulges.

Ensure that your car tyres are valid and not past their expiry date.

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