Inspection on Residential Units in Abu Dhabi: Up to 1-million fine

Web reporter: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Local authorities in Abu Dhabi are all set to implement strict measures, including hefty penalties up to Dh1 million, to control overcrowding in residential areas. A residential unit is deemed overcrowded when occupied in a manner that is out of proportion to its area and facilities provided. 

In the first three months of 2023, the Department of Municipalities and Transport will launch an inspection campaign to check for violation of Law No. 8 of 2019 concerning the Regulation of Occupancy of Properties and Residential Units.

The general state of cleanliness within residences, lack of security and safety standards, and distorting the city’s appearance are some of the key aspects that will be monitored.

Highlighting the major ‘signs’ that the municipality inspectors will be checking include residential units with “continuous disturbances” like parking in prohibited areas or on pavements or on spaces designated for a tenant, or constant loud noise coming from a residential unit.

“Compromised general appearances”, including drying clothes on windows, balconies and railings, are another warning sign of violation. 

Looking at “public safety and hygiene hazards”, dumping of waste in undesignated areas and not disposing waste properly are signs the inspectors will be checking during field trips.

The municipality has urged community members to report any of the above signs. They can call 800555 to report such instances of overcrowding and other violations of the occupancy law. The municipality has unveiled a list of 18 violations. A 25 per cent discount of the total fine can be availed if paid within 60 days of the settlement date.

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